Monday, January 23, 2012

Hollywood is leading our children down a moral sewer

With all the fuss over SOPA/PIPA, I think it's important to point out that Obama completely backs this blatantly un-American legislation for one simple reason- OBAMA IS ON THE LIBERAL HOLLYWOOD ELITE'S PAYROLL.

The so called "pirating" of intellectual property perpetuated on the internet has been labeled "stealing" by some of it's opponents.  Rightly so.  When you pirate a piece of media, you STEAL it.  Plain and simple.  Lets not let this term tread into the that liberal hippie "politically correct" zone where everything becomes convoluted and wrong.  Pirating is stealing.

BUT, you gotta realize WHO you are stealing FROM.  Answer: The liberal Hollywood agenda.  By stealing their media, you are helping to destroy the scourge that is the Hollywood liberal machine, one of the most evil institutions ever devised.

For centuries Hollywood has crammed liberal trash down the impressionable gullet of America.  James Cameron, George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, and many, many, MANY, more are all money-hungry liberal communists.  Remember Cameron's hit movie Titanic?  Remember how he labeled the true American businessman as the evil one?  That's the liberal agenda at work in Hollywood!  Only the liberal socialist dogma wins in Hollywood movies.  But what's worse is the purely immoral garbage they shove in our faces!  All the blood, gore, violence and sex that is so common in movies now.  This is the liberal agenda at work again, folks!  But for a much more sinister cause- they are trying to dull us, to numb us to their socialist ideology so we lay down and accept it.  Before you know it, you'll hear your kids saying "Gay marriage is ok!  Legalize drugs!  Give me free healthcare!"  WAKE UP AMERICA!  This is NOT OK!  America wasn't built by Adam and Steve!  It was built by Adam and EVE.  These topics are obviously anti-Christian and they need to be censored along with all the other liberal trash that Hollywood spews from its Marx-kissing mouth.  Maybe this doesn't seem important to discerning adults, but imagine the havoc this socialist demon is wreaking on the impressionistic youth.  But Hollywood is fighting back, tooth and nail.  They make innocent looking animated "children's" movies that are filled TO THE BRIM with secret socialist messages.  And be wary of all the "3D" movies coming out- that's their way of trying to offer something that is un-reproducible by means of pirating.  "3D" stands for "Three times the amount of DEMON".

Fight SOPA/PIPA, continue stealing from the liberal Hollywood agenda and disable the socialist ideology machine before it's too late!  America needs to censor the liberals!



  1. "'3D' stands for 'Three times the amount of DEMON.'" The more you know.

  2. It really does seem we have to do everything for ourselves, not that we have become lazy,but relying on governments as a whole has become impossible!!


    Obama is certainly part of the machine at this point. Very sad times.

  4. Hollywood is a terrible place...

  5. i love to see passion,, i may not always agree with the context or the opinion, but passion has to be admired.

  6. We think the same!
    Hollywood is controlling the net and we won't let them do so!

  7. I dont know about obama being involved, but i do hate sopa, pipa, pcipa, and acta so theres that

  8. I thought Obama was against sopa and pipa. Who'd say

  9. Obama also said he would shut down gitmo. He can promise all he wants but he ewill never follow through with it. He spoke out against PIPA/SOPA true but he then turns around and signs ACTA treaty, now it just needs to hit the senate. Fuck that guy.

    Ron Paul 2012

    Oh yeah piracy isnt stealing. The content is just copied digitally, and shared. No different then me buying a movie and letting a friend borrow it, or taking it to my big screen tv and inviting all my friends over (20+people) to watch it. The original file is still there, not stolen. Just reproduced, perfectly, no its not a counterfeit either. And people dont make money sharing "pirated" content.

    Cant have stolen theoretical money.

    1. Ron Paul is not a man of God, and therefore will never be MY president.

      Also, piracy IS stealing. If a company doesn't make money off an item and someone has that item, that item was STOLEN. But, I say steal from those socialist Hollywood pigs. Let them starve in the street and then they'll see the damage their commie logic has done to America!

  10. FIGHT SOPA FIGHT PIPA AND FIGHT THAT NEW CRAPPY THING CALLED HR 1981. Be sure to look up hr 1981 that bill is awful!

  11. "And people dont make money sharing "pirated" content."

    tell that to megaupload xD $125,000,000