Monday, January 30, 2012

Answer to America's War on Drugs

I was watching TV yesterday and one show in particular caught my attention.  It's a show called "Intervention" on A&E featuring various drug addicts and their families.  Apparently, A&E was having an "Intervention" marathon, so I switched back and fourth between that and ESPN.

After watching a few minutes, I simply had to ask- What has become of this great nation?  The degenerates that populate this show are astounding.  And the fact that the liberal media is allowed to film their perversion for the whole world to see is nothing short of sin.  These addicts don't need attention- they need to be ashamed.

Drinking, perversion, and drug use are all scientifically linked to the liberalization of America.  Liberalization means atheism, and atheism means immorality.  That's a direct link that's impossible to ignore.

So where are the parents while all this devil-worship happens?  Working?  No.  Church activities?  No.  Parenting?  Absolutely NOT.  The parents are the ones funding it!  They are fueling their kids' death because they don't know any better.  Their kids' come to them for drug money, AND THEY WILLINGLY GIVE IT TO THEM!  That's the same as selling them the drugs themselves!

Folks, these parents are the victims of the liberal media's agenda, plain and simple.  Constant bombardment of socialist propaganda has rendered them incapable of raising their children in a correct manner.  All the talk of "understanding" and "compassion", the twin poisons of liberal socialist ideology championed by Hollywood has turned any would-be parenting skills impotent.  And what's more, the commie elitist producers down at A&E are profiting off it!  A&E's and their producers are directly profiting off the liberal brainwashing of America.

The whole time I'm watching this filth, I can only think of the answer that's staring everybody right in the face.  JUST KILL THEM!  These degenerate addicts are a drain on society's valuable resources.  They will never be right again- their liberal indoctrination runs too deep to extricate.  A bullet between the eyes is the only cure for this addiction/brainwashing.  No more crack houses on the block, no more meth labs waiting to explode, no more drunk drivers swerving on our highways- just quiet, safe cemeteries.  Why even bother with these wastes of life?  They had their chance and they willingly chose the wrong path.  Why let them continue to leech off the hard work and good deeds of us good-natured Christians?

BOOM!  No more tax-wasting "War on Drugs".

This plan will obviously call for some rigidly defined guidelines for addiction, but that's easy to do.  Most of us all ready know that if you consume a mind-altering substance (alcohol, heroin, marijuana, ANYTHING) more than twice a month, YOU ARE AN ADDICT!  And you WILL be dealt with accordingly.  Either in this world or the next.

Now, what about the parents? Simple- We will need to set up Christian recovery camps where they will learn the error of their ways and redeem themselves through faith and prayer.  These camps will obviously create jobs and, more importantly, draw attention away from the liberal filth that started this whole mess and put it back on the fundamental structure of Christian morality upon which this country rests.  

There you have it, folks.  A simple, two pronged attack that will end the "War on Drugs".  Not only will we eradicate the menace of addiction AND liberal commie ideology, but we will restore our Christian identity to boot.  Obviously, this will lead to lower violence, crime, abortion, and tax rates.

Time to get off your ass Obama!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

America's Enemy: The God-less Left

Folks, in light of the popular trends in America it's time for me to make something clear.  America was founded as a Christian nation with a solid foundation of Christian morality and should remain as such.

When our ancestors settled in these lands they created a Christian utopia (at least as close to a utopia as can be attained on earth) that was meant to be a beacon for the world.  This new Christian land was built as an example to lead the rest of the world back on the right track.  Everything our ancestors built, they built in the name of God.  Not Allah, not Buddha, not Shiva, nor any other heretical and silly word for Satan-worshiping.  Our ancestors knew that a nation could not survive without a firm belief in the teachings of the Bible, so they spread the almighty word to their heathen neighbors, the Indians.  Shortly thereafter, the Indians realized the error of their ways and shed their silly beliefs and rituals.  Before long, we had a solid nation of believers and all was well.

Then, a group of troublemakers laid siege to our Christian nation- laying the ground work for our enemies for centuries to come.  In Salem, Massachusetts several Satan-loving, lewd sluts rejected the word of God by calling themselves "witches".  These blasphemers were burned at the stake- and rightfully so.  They were heretics!  They denied the grace of God and were therefore poison to good Christian society.  But, my fellow Christians, it was the fact that they even got a trial that has doomed the Christian America!

Those whorish witches (or atheists, no need to distinguish) should have been silenced the moment their venomous blasphemy fell on Christian ears.  Their trial was the first of many that mark a decline in America Christian morality.  But it was the fact that their actions should even be considered (via the trial) acceptable that sparked the war on America/Christianity.

Somewhere along in our history after the Salem trials, we lost our way as a Christian nation.  Now days, atheists can publicly admit to their sins- AND NOTHING CAN BE DONE ABOUT IT!  200 years ago, they would have been hanged and burned for their lies like they should be!

And who are these horrid individuals, you ask?  LIBERALS!  Every last one of them is a satan-worshiping, socialist beast spewing nothing but immoral garbage through his defiled mouth.  It is impossible to be a Christian and a liberal- it just doesn't work.  Was Jesus Christ a communist?  NO.  Christ helps those who help themselves, that is what is taught in the Bible.  The new breed of America's enemy follows in the footsteps of the Salem witches and denounces all that is good in our nation.  Every ailment our nation suffers from is directly linked to our collective straying from God's path.

America needs to get back on that path- the Christian path.  We need to defeat our enemies of faith and rid this land of the God-less left.  They don't deserve trials, nor any other politically correct luxury.  We need to make America synonymous with Christianity once more.

My friends, it all starts with voting Republican.  RICK SANTORUM 2012!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Hollywood is leading our children down a moral sewer

With all the fuss over SOPA/PIPA, I think it's important to point out that Obama completely backs this blatantly un-American legislation for one simple reason- OBAMA IS ON THE LIBERAL HOLLYWOOD ELITE'S PAYROLL.

The so called "pirating" of intellectual property perpetuated on the internet has been labeled "stealing" by some of it's opponents.  Rightly so.  When you pirate a piece of media, you STEAL it.  Plain and simple.  Lets not let this term tread into the that liberal hippie "politically correct" zone where everything becomes convoluted and wrong.  Pirating is stealing.

BUT, you gotta realize WHO you are stealing FROM.  Answer: The liberal Hollywood agenda.  By stealing their media, you are helping to destroy the scourge that is the Hollywood liberal machine, one of the most evil institutions ever devised.

For centuries Hollywood has crammed liberal trash down the impressionable gullet of America.  James Cameron, George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, and many, many, MANY, more are all money-hungry liberal communists.  Remember Cameron's hit movie Titanic?  Remember how he labeled the true American businessman as the evil one?  That's the liberal agenda at work in Hollywood!  Only the liberal socialist dogma wins in Hollywood movies.  But what's worse is the purely immoral garbage they shove in our faces!  All the blood, gore, violence and sex that is so common in movies now.  This is the liberal agenda at work again, folks!  But for a much more sinister cause- they are trying to dull us, to numb us to their socialist ideology so we lay down and accept it.  Before you know it, you'll hear your kids saying "Gay marriage is ok!  Legalize drugs!  Give me free healthcare!"  WAKE UP AMERICA!  This is NOT OK!  America wasn't built by Adam and Steve!  It was built by Adam and EVE.  These topics are obviously anti-Christian and they need to be censored along with all the other liberal trash that Hollywood spews from its Marx-kissing mouth.  Maybe this doesn't seem important to discerning adults, but imagine the havoc this socialist demon is wreaking on the impressionistic youth.  But Hollywood is fighting back, tooth and nail.  They make innocent looking animated "children's" movies that are filled TO THE BRIM with secret socialist messages.  And be wary of all the "3D" movies coming out- that's their way of trying to offer something that is un-reproducible by means of pirating.  "3D" stands for "Three times the amount of DEMON".

Fight SOPA/PIPA, continue stealing from the liberal Hollywood agenda and disable the socialist ideology machine before it's too late!  America needs to censor the liberals!


Friday, January 20, 2012

2012 Elections: America Ain't Lazy No More!

The presidential elections are just starting to heat up and boy am I excited about bootin' Obama out the door!

The primaries in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina have proven that the people are craving a solid Republican leader who can dig America out of the deep, deep hole Obama and his liberal minions have dug for us.  Nothing gets me more angry than seeing the Obama administration conjure up a fresh set of lies to combat the growing conservative movement about to wash them and their pay-rolled cronies out of the White House!  But, then again, I guess I should be used to it- Obama's been lying since he started campaigning!  Remember when Obama said his Illinois "Church" was like any other Baptist Church?

WRONG!  Obama's so-called "Church" is run by the radical black militant/nationalist "Reverend" Jeremiah Wright, the same man who wrote a book condemning America for not being a communist nation!  That doesn't sound like anything my Pastor ever taught in church!  But it just goes to show you how the liberal media can emphasize things and de-emphasize others.  In this case, Obama's black militant communism needed to be "toned down" in order to make him more electable.  His liberal buddies down at ABC were more than happy to cut that part out, and the American people never found out about his insane anti-American tendencies.  This is what I'm all about people- we have the right to know about these kinds of things!  I want to know if a candidate hates me simply because I'm white.  Of all people, shouldn't the blacks know what it's like to be discriminated against?

Don't hate me because I'm white, Obama.  Don't hate me because I believe in this country, in the founding father's vision of what America should be, free from oppression and dictatorship!  Don't hate me because I have enough common sense to know where to rightfully place the blame for economic downturns!  It's not the system's fault!  Free market capitalism has been around for 2000 years, you pinko dummy!

Isn't the answer simple?  Anyone with half a brain can tell you:  America just got lazy.  All your talk of Welfare and food stamps and socialized healthcare- they made Americans think they didn't need to work for a living.  Why work for that stuff when your high and mighty government will hand it out for free?  At the cost of the taxpayer, no less.  What's more is that it's all completely unconstitutional!  How can the government force you to buy a product, in this case healthcare?  That's not America, that's socialism!  I'm not paying a single cent of tax out of my hard earned pay just so some Johnny Welfare can afford a visit to the hospital for some accident WHEN IT WAS HIS FAULT IN THE FIRST PLACE.  It's not my problem, Johnny Welfare!  Maybe you should have worked harder and got a better job so you could afford this kind of thing like the rest of us who know the value of a dollar.  Doesn't our Lord Jesus Christ teach us that God helps those who help themselves?  Here now, once again, Obama has tried to derail America from the Word of the Lord!  You must be sensitive to these subtle attacks on the moral structure of our nation, my friends.  Don't let the liberal media make you think for one second that its OK to be lazy.  Laziness is not part of the constitution- laziness is not what our founding fathers envisioned for America.

Well I got news for you, Obama.  America ain't lazy no more.  We're about to take our country back!  You can keep your socialist black militant racism.  We're starting to see through your lies.  Without all the disillusioning media surrounding your tower of Babel we finally see you for what you really are.  And we don't like what we see.  It's time for a return to the fundamental values that made this country what it is today- liberty, freedom and justice!

The Realm Outside the Liberal Agenda

Greetings to my fellow conservative brethren!

Welcome to the first post of the first TRULY conservative, anti-socialist, free market, God fearing, no-liberal-spin media outlet dedicated to everything that makes the United States of America the greatest country on God's green earth!

I'm creating this blog in anticipation of the upcoming elections.  You see, my fellow Reaganites, as I'm sure you're well aware, the liberal agenda has a freedom crushing choke hold on nearly every media outlet in America. Now we, the PEOPLE, are starting to take notice to their constant misguidance and spouting of disinformation.  And we're not happy!  

 But never fear, my friends, for the election in 2012 will finally see the downfall of our tyrannic, pot smoking, corporate shilling, socialist, muslim, terrorist of a President, Obama.  Never again will the people be misled by media distortions funded by hefty contributions from the liberal agenda!  Never again will the American people allow themselves to be tricked by lies and deceit!  Never again will the Liberal Lie Machine shove another President into the White House!

The time is now- it's 2012 and we've entered the realm Outside the Liberal Agenda!